What the Hell do you Mean?
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How to and Whom May Call For a Vote
Who can Vote & How the Vote is done.

Vote? what the hell do you mean?
Simply this....; all of usenet is done by voting, from voting to create a news group outside a local server, to cutting off an ISP's access due to failure to follow the agreed upon rules. This Faq, and any major changes to it's content, should and will be taken to a vote.

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Motion 2 - often more than one issue is brought forth..
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Vote Accept xxxxx means you accept the change to xxxxx section of the FAQ
Vote Reject xxxxx means you reject the change to xxxxx section of the FAQ

Place nothing in the body of the email other than a email name by which you are known or wish to be known, but is not valid. Anything else will not be seen.

In the SUBJECT line place one of the acceptable headers.
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How to and Who Can Call for a Vote - THE MOTION
This section first came about during the weeks leading up to the adoption of this faq. After more than 2 months of discussion on the modifications to the old faq (10/98), out of the blue a poster asked " what's the rule about amendments?". The consortium beat it's collective head against the wall, thinking what dumb s**ts they were to have never given this part any thought. After 2 "Calls to amend", the consortium has now streamlined this operation.

Getting an amendment passed is a two step process. The first step is getting a Motion passed to have a vote, and is outlined below

1. All the people whose votes will be counted during this, the first of the two steps, must meet the "Age requirement" of:
    a. Have posted comment(s) in the "d" group for at least 3 months prior to making any motion to amend under the nym wishing to cast a vote. This DOES NOT include repost requests.
    b. If asked, you must be able to provide the full header of the qualifying "age" post.
This doesn't mean that other posters opinions don't count, and may not influence others. It is simply done to prevent some short time attempt to "storm" the faqs (Long time attempts would work just fine). Please note that if this affects you during the first step, you still can vote during the second step.

2. "Header": The header of your post MUST read: "ATTN: ABME FAQ CHANGE; re: (input the area or subject being addressed)". Post this in alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.d.

3. "Amendment": you must clearly identify the part(s) you wish to alter, including the text of the preferred change. No posts requesting change will be allowed without the full text of the change posted.

4. "Seconds": your motion to amend must be seconded WITHOUT dissent by 2 others. If your request receives dissenting voices, your position must hold a 2/3rds majority after 1 additional week of discussion. If in the course of this discussion it becomes the opinion of the consortium that a majority has formed around a modified amendment, the consortium will post this in place of the original.

5 And of course, any poster caught carrying on discussions in the bins groups, or posting bins in the d group, will be laughed at openly.

6. Any call for changes will be acknowledged by the consortium, notice will be posted one time only in the affected groups, and there after in abmed. All approvals, or disapprovals, once posted in abmed, will be logged by the faqs and posted on the final tally.

The consortium will count these comments, and if there is found to be a 2/3's majority in favor of holding a vote, then will post a "Notice of Call to Amend ABME FAQ" in the groups.


1. The "Proposed Amendments" will be given their own link from this, the voting page. Voters coming here may review the old and amended areas.

2. A 1 week discussion period will be held, with an exchange of ideas, in abmed while Notice of the pending vote is made by the consortium in the affected groups.

3. A two week voting period will follow. Anyone with an email account may vote during this period. All votes must be cast from an active ISP account, and none may be accepted from any remailer (mail-to-news), web supplied (hotmail, yahoo), or other source of secondary mail ( the abmefaq and Codec Corner, and  excepted ).

4. The faq will confirm that the email of the voter is valid by sending a reply email. All valid email votes will be logged and the email address recorded.

5. The consortium will endeavor to post a running tally to this page, but the official vote will only be posted upon the close of the voting period in abmed.

6. The posting of the final tally will contain a list of the voters. It will be done in this fashion:
    a. If the consortium suspects that the email received is a real name, it will be masked. So if your email was "JSmith@xxx" the consortium would alter it in the posting to read "JSyyyyyy@xxx". If the email shows "Lasy Long@xxx {TooLasy} we would post just TooLasy.  Enough change will be made so that you know we saw your vote, but not one else will. (see the exception below). See above on how to provide us with your own not valid name.
    b. No valid domains will be posted. That's it. period. (finally a short rule thank god).

THE EXCEPTION. If a poster, after all is said, votes cast, and faqs changed or not; starts acting like a butt and laying claims in the d group about how stupid this or that is, and the consortium finds that they voted for it, then the consortium reserves the right to warn the poster once, then expose the full email message as sent.
This may seem harsh, but ask yourself - has the consortium made any use of the over 400 email addresses it has received during it's first year? No. And we won't. If you can't believe that, you can't trust us to fairly count the vote. Our advice to you is to usurp us at the faqs. You might be suprised and find us willing to resign rather than become your slave.

This whole system is designed to prevent "a rush to judgment" by a troll, or even well intended but short-sighted move by any two or three people, and is modeled after the USA constitution. At the same time, it also prevents the changing membership of the consortium from taking a "daddy knows best" approach.

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