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Step One
  Try is the Search feature of this site:
Search Query
  Remember, the fewer words, the highter likelyhood you will find what you seek.

Step Two
 Check the FORUM pages to see if your issue has been discussed there. As of 16/06/2004 the forum is new, but increasing numbers of posts will be added.

Step Three
Try Google. (We do every day)

Step Four
  The slowest way - email a request for help. If you do Email us, we can't promise an email response.
  Increasingly we will be posting our answers to the forum above, in hopes of reducing the number of times we answer the same question. So if you email us, check the forum in a few days for a subject matching the header of your email.
  Also note that there are certain email addresses and IP's blocked from sending mail to the faqs due to the high level of spam from or claiming to be from them. Check to make sure your email is not on the list on the email page, lest we'll never see it.