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What, Where, How Much, and Why should I? 
Located in Guidelines
and a bit more for clarity:
1. On the 600 megs weekly upload limit.
       a.) The only Newsgroups considered for the limit are ABME and ABNME.
       b.) 5 megs in abme CROSS POSTED to nospam = 5 megs.
       c.) 5 megs in abme, and another 5 megs post to abnme - whether the same material or different - = 10 megs.

2. A full movie post will be allowed in ABME if, and only if, the movie is posted as a series of CLIPS. If you wish to post a full movie as one large file, then the post should go to a group like alt.binaries.erotica.vcd or alt.binaries.dvd.erotica, whichever is more appropriate.

3. Use a Posting Tool that allows for Reposting single sections, and for resuming an interrupted post - like Peck's Power Post or Power Post 2000  (Power Post can handle the yEnc encoding).

4. Refrain from posting the complete Clip again for at least one week after the last request for parts has been made.  Just cause a couple of down loaders ask for it is no reason to give everyone else a double dose of your master piece.

5. On "joined" files - the best reason that can be given is if the original poster wanted his cap to be posted in one big lump, he would have done it himself.  Most of them don't post it in this size to allow for better propagation throughout usenet. If any of them want a single Mega Post they'll tell you.  If you want to do a Mega Post, make one of your own.

6.  On Renamed files - If you renamed it - name it back or don't post it.  For anything else, think about where you got it.  If in the "e" group, was there any comments made about its name made in the "d" or "e" group?  If a pay site, it's better than 50 50 that they renamed it. Before you post all of it, post a small section, or a jpg using the name you have, and look for comment.

7. Issues with the use of certain characters in the header. One is the problem with drn (web based usenet access) that alter " "(space),"&"(the and sign) and so on which are not valid within the DRN/HTML file naming system. You might want to check for a fairly complete list.
The other seems to be issues mainly with Agent's handling of filenames - The same feature that joins multi-segmented files into one header seems to trip up Agent. Avoid the use of the '/', '\', '#" and ' " ' characters in the description.

A brief list of problem characters:

No spaces are permitted.
there are these that will cause trouble with web/drn servers: These will cause trouble with either drn servers or
PP2K (sending) & Agent (downloading).
the left angle bracket (<),
the right angle bracket (>),
the ampersand (&)
the Double Quote (")
the forward slash (/)
the back slash (\)
the 'at' (@)
the dollar sign ($)
the Piping symbol (|)
the Colon (:)
the ' quote as in Amanda's
the * asterick
the ? question mark
the < less than cosign
the > greater than cosign
For example, the following header
NEW file 1/4 - nifty_file.mpg(01/16)
Makes Agent look for four parts of a file named nifty_file.mpg(01/16). Instead, use NEW '1 of 4', '1 - 4', or simply '4-parts'  (thanks PunkKid and Solly)

"Jonnie does Debbie"can also throw off readers like Drn/webservers (spaces). Instead, use 'Jonnie-does-Debbie'.

And many newsreaders react to # - the pound sign in a multi part post - best to skip them all together.

8. I know the answer to a question, post it?
In the e group, No, unless you answer by email or redirect the thread to a d group.  At most, point the person to this FAQ.  In the discussion groups, Please do.

9. Is it EVER okay to post chat in ABME?  Yes, it's desirable IF:

1) you discover that a binary you posted is corrupt
2) you attached the wrong file
3) you know or suspect that a binary contains a virus
4) you have to abort an upload and you can't continue, please issue cancels and thread a message to the post.  (see Posting Binaries for how to avoid this situation.)
10. Consider creating and using Pars or at least a "*.SFV" file.  The QuickSfv program, and see the how to's of making one.
From: YaHosna -
   1) It assures that the DL was accurate, especially when combining seg fills.
   2) They are a "self-documenting" list of all the files in the series, including previews, if done properly.
   3) Building a DB of file sizes and CRCs (from SFVs) permits the checking for duplicate but renamed files.
   4) A SFV, with the top portion including byte counts, would remove all confusion. It's really a very simple last step before posting.

Better yet, if you're posting a multi-part post (either Rar, split, or just multi post with nearly the same size) use Par files. Par allows for a complete file check just like sfv, and downloaders can download a Pxx file for any file missing or corrupt.

Posting Binaries in ABME/ABNME/ABMU

Is any subject matter taboo?
Child pornography, kiddie porn, KP.  Since nearly all ABME contributors are in the U.S.A. and Canada, we are governed by laws requiring models to be at least 18 years of age. Since KP can only attract trouble for ABME folks, and for many other reasons, we ask that international ABME participants respect those constraints.  If you post any videos of a minor, expect complaints to your provider and possible account loss.  You can also be held accountable under child pornography laws. Traci Lords?  She was underage for all but "Tracy, I Love You" thus the clips ARE child pornography.
Gay, Kinky? Each to his/her own, just label it clearly.  If you're still hesitant, check around for other newsgroups where you may be more comfortable. Even if the posts are wanted in those groups, you may have to answer technical questions.  (A note of caution - just cause it gets posted doesn't make it legal where you live.  You might want to check).
Bestiality? Bestiality is illegal in all 50 states of the US and in most other countries as well.  There are those out there that will forward any posts with this content to the posters ISP/News Provider as well as the SPCA.
How about "Teen-Look", or Rape? The majority thought on these would seem to be - the closer they get to looking like the real thing, the more they anger the regular viewers of this group.

Is it okay to repost files I've downloaded?  Yes, but make sure you are not repeating very recent or tired posts.  If you only visit occasionally or if you're new around here, be aware of what has been posted before.  Also, plan on sticking around for a week or two after posting to answer any questions about your posts.

How about a bunch of small videos posted as one big zip file? Keep them separate!  Why should anyone be asked to download the whole collection?  Most steady readers would probably already have at least some of the clips.  Also, tastes vary.  Let everyone pick and choose from individual posts.

Should I post a description? ALWAYS.  Either a jpg still or a text message in the 00 part.  It will cut down on the messages to answer.  See the VFaqs and How Much for guidelines.

I renamed my clips. Post them?  No.  You'd be flamed into oblivion by everyone and anyone.  This applies to any clip - those from IRC, the Web, where ever.  Know that you have the original name, or don't post.

What's put in the posting fields?
Please set the "follow up" field to alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.d  The "reply to" field is for your email address, and certain systems will force any replies to email if that's filled in (AOL, for instance).  Answer yes to "X-No Archive" if you don't want your posts to go into the Dejanews archive.

To zip or not, and a password?  Here are some pros and cons: If the video is not highly compressed, the zip file may be considerably smaller, so that's a plus.  The minus is that down loaders won't be able to preview the file as it's downloading. Passwords that are used to safeguard against accidental viewing by minors are perceived to be a waste of time or an inconvenience by some readers, but it's YOUR nym on the post.

What program to Post With?
There are two programs worth your time and energy to install and learn.  Both of these programs offer two major advantages over Agent posting, and both are kept on site here at the faqs.

1. You can restart an aborted post at the section that failed, preventing you from having to cancel the lost  post and start from the beginning.  Not only a big time saver, but a bandwidth saver as well.
2. You can repost single section requests (i.e. part 14/32) rather than having to repost the whole thing.  Now if only you could get your newbie down loaders to read the download section on how to join parts!
The first is  Peck's Power Post v.6b!  It was written by ABME capper Templeton Peck to solve time-out problems.  It can restart timed out posts, and permits reposting individual parts.  Read the help file and feel free to ask questions in ABMED if you're not sure of something.  Check out the PPP posting tips section for more info.
The second is a Major revision of an older program known as Auto Post.  Auto Post users quickly abandoned it for Peck's due to numerous shortcoming.  This revision is known as PowerPost2000, and appears to have adopted many of the improved features of Peck's, and then improved on them. A few tips on PP2k are here
What's the best size for individual parts?
Around 6500 to 7500 lines seems to work best.  Any larger than 10,000 and parts may get dropped in the pipe.  Any smaller and there would be too many individual articles, which contributes to clogging up the servers.

How do I cancel my post?
You do that with your newsreader.  Stop the upload if it's still in progress.  Retrieve headers, and find the post you want to cancel.  Check your newsreader's command menus for Cancel Usenet Post in Agent, it's in the Post menu.  Send a cancel for each parts.  But, Newsguy and many other servers don't accept cancels, so please thread a warning to the post stating that it's been stopped and canceled.

I've joined together a series of clips. Post them?
NO! If you want a set of clips joined for your own amusement, get PPJ or Camel's and join them into a mega-production for your own personal private enjoyment.  BUT DO NOT POST IT!  Unless it's your own material, only if the Poster himself approves should you ever post a complied clip.

Should I crosspost?
Be aware that cross posting is one of the criteria used in Usenet to determine whether a post is spam.

Why are my Files Cross Posted to the abme group & another group outside the abme groups counted against my weekly limit?
When a file is cross posted, each server files only one copy commonly in the group that receives the post first -, and uses the xrefeance message id to "link" it to the headers filed in the other groups listed.
But, and it's a big one - just because a.b.m.vcd is listed first does NOT mean that the server you're using places the file in the allotted space of the vcd group, your server MAY have received it to abme or another group listed first and filed it there. Or the server, or one in between the poster and you, may not carry vcd, so at that point the routing switches to abme even though the cross link would continued to be carried. As there is no way of knowing for all the servers out there without manually polling them all, it was decided during the FAQ discussion to count the full posting against the poster agreed allotment.

Posting with Unix 

Is it easy to post large binaries?  Absolutely. If you're not up to writing your own Perl auto posting script, there's a great C program called xmitBin which will take care of all your binary posting needs (it'll even do e-mail!). Originally written by Jim Howard (the last maintainer of the abp faq), this program will auto post, customize headers, post individual parts, and whatever else you can think of with respect to posting binaries. It can be invoked directly from the shell prompt, shell scripts, cron, other C programs, etc. It's highly flexible and configurable, and comes with *complete* source code.

Using Peck's Power Post

I expanded the PPP window to full screen to post, and while posting it cratered.  Now I can't shrink it again, and I'm having time-out problems.
You must have crashed and/or rebooted while PPP was active?  if you do that while PPP is minimized, you will have problems too.  If you have Microsoft Access version 1 (Office'97), try this:

1. open up newsrc.mdb in the directory where you installed PPP.
2. select the table called prefs and double click on it
3. look for the field called windowstate and change whatever values are there to 2775,765,6540,10140,0
4. close access and then try PPP again.
With Peck's I can't post.  I get "Article 1/15 was not accepted by the server. (441 Can't parse "Date" header) 441".
PPP doesn't work with the european settings for time and date.  Just go to the regional settings in control panel and change the setting to English (US)

PPP hangs up at 4% of a file, and stops.  I have to end task to close.  A reinstall did not solve it.
Weird-assed bug and this was the only solution found that worked.  Anything you do to to change the file size should remove this problem. If you zip the file, just add a line or two to your text file.  If it's an unzipped I often have clipped one frame off of it, and it changes the offset that Peck's or agent uses and this somehow lets the file go through properly.

When I run Peck's it goes to the task bar like it has been minimized. I try and maximize but nothing happens.  When I close it  by right clicking, a little window says "run-time error 91"  and  "object variable or with block variable not set".
You'll need to reinstall the program.

1. Make a copy of the newsrc file,
2. then Uninstall it completely,
3. reinstall the program....and set up with default settings.
4. Copy over your newsrc file.
With PPP is it possible to have the follow-up set different for every group that you post to? You would have to change it every time ... unless... you keep separate .mdb files for each group/file set.  The mdb keeps the prefs for that post.

How do I repost a single part of a post?
If you still have the original post showing, this is no problem:

1. Highlight the original post
2. Right click
3. Select Repost
4. Select "Only One Section"
5. Enter the section number being requested.
6. Fire away.  (Hint: you might want to Change the header)
Will PPP will work with cable modem?
It should work just fine with its default settings.  If not, check which port your ISP requires you to connect to their usenet server.

Using Power Post 2000

How do I repost a single part of a post?
If you still have the original post showing, this is no problem:

1. Select the file
2. Right click and a pop-up menu appears.
3. Use the "task properties"option & follow the instructions.
Agent sees all the posting done by PP2K as seperate Parts
If $F isn't the LAST parm on the Subject Line in PP2K - Agent won't see the part identifiers and combine them into one header. Just add $F as the LAST parm (even if you've used it previously -
that's ok) and it will post in a form that Agent recognizes correctly. Versions after 24b should have this problem cleared up.

Making Sfvs
Install any of the SFV software.
For QuickSFV
1. Open windows Explorer and select all the files.
2. Right click and select "create .SFV file".
3. A dialog will pop up asking where you want the *.sfv file created. This also provides  a chance to make your sfv file compatible with WinSfv - a good idea.
If you use Win-SFV32, then just start it and choose the appropriate file locations and paths, and functions.

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