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How ( and what ) to Mail the FAQ maintainers

Please use the Forum pages for sending in your questions.  NOTE! You MUST place a link, or at least the title of the Section / File / Post you are referring to in the body of the post. Otherwise, we may not be able to track down the answer.

Please check to see if you are sending email from a banned source -

Any of these sources have spammed so thickly that we've placed blocks on their servers. If you are from there, complain to your service, not us. If you are an admin and wish your customers to have email, contact us via the forum.
Update, New, Change
Update to provide updated information on anything within the faqs. The place you  need to put this type of information is in the forum. Use the link to get there, sign in, and post a message in the proper group.
Email me  I wanta be! Yes, we've got a mailbox for you -
1. follow the guidelines that the group has laid out
2. want to help promote use of the faqs by having an address.
3. Provide a 8 char/number password for setting up the Pop3 account.
Remember, the goal of this faq, and the people behind it, is to help promote good newsgroup behavior and improved conditions for everyone, not to act as a "gang" of enforcers
Vote Vote  for those times when the faq presents issues that are brought up for the group to vote on. See the Vote page for more information. When you vote, you must use the subject line: Vote yyyyy xxxxxWhere yyyyy equals Accept or Reject and xxxxx equals the amendment voted on. When more than one issue is up, the same format is to be used, but the body may contain the vote. 
Helper I wanta be King - got some time to work on the FAQs? We ask that all who work on the Faq pages use basic html and review all their html or css page work with IE5.x, Netscape4.x, and Opera prior to submittal.  Post the info to the proper group in the Forum section.

Codec HELP

Ok, ever since the faqs went over 20,000 words and 500 links we became aware that even those who work on it can't keep up where everything is.
Please, oh please, before you email:
1. use the search feature on the SiteMap page,
2. make an effort to find it by reading,
3. Use the FORUM page to look to see if your question has been answereed, then post a message there providing as much detail as possible.
then and only then click the link to the left. Be prepared to wait awhile for your answer. 
Before you mail us - just 2 more things -
 01 ALL email must contain a valid email return address - this will be confirmed.
 02 All email Might find itself posted on usenet (without your domain name) - after all, this whole thing is about a public forum.

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