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     o  America Online  -- An "online service" which operates very differently from an ISP.  AOL's server is not the standard NNTP type, so you can't change your software unless you have a different news server to connect to. For those of you on AOL, check Gordon202's AOL Faq for binary help.
      o  AT&T WorldNet  --  Owned a controlling interest in @home until @home went belly up. ATTBroadband has completed plans to sell off to Comcast
      o ClaraNet -- those in England and other areas served by BT know of this ISP, but the current level of improvement in their service is worthy of note, including a serious attempt to upgrade their newsgroups. Strong Dsl coverage also a plus.
      o  Comcast  the largest of the "behind the scenes" cable ISPs until @home's vanishing act. ATT Broadband is being sold to Comcast. Comcast has now announced that GigaNews will supply it's news feed - AND COMCAST CUSTOMERS WILL HAVE A 1 GIGABYTE PER MONTH LIMIT (UP AND DOWN)!! What's more, Comcast and Giganews have acknowleged that Comcast as not paid for any support from Giganews. This means that if you have problems, only Comcast can help. Also, increasing reports that those who download more than 100 gig a month - and that includes all you download - from the web, from chat rooms, and from usenet, those accounts are getting shut down for "over use".
      o  Cox Cable  Cox is another of those cable networks that were a part of @home. True dyamic IP's seem to be the trademark of their system - all Cox visters to this site have a single IP.
      o  EarthLink  - Once referred to as the Spam King. They have announced today (21/07/03) that with their new usenet servers online they are limiting broadband usenet users to 1.5 gigs a 30 day period.
      o  MicroSoft Network -- On online service, similar to AOL in quirkiness, Maintains an ancient news server that makes no attempt at keeping up with the binary groups.
      o  Roadrunner  -- Cable modem based ISP under contract with Time Warner Cable. Don't know about other Time Warner customers, but TW now offers RoadRunner, AOL, and EarthLink cable modem access to their customers in my part of the world.
      o Prodigy from SBC dsl -- SBC also owns PAC Bell and Ameritech, both of whose dsl services have DROPPED usenet, allowing only the crudest form of usenet servers to exist. Also watch their "$29.95" dsl account. It's only half adsl speed.
      o DSL -- Most of the above ISP's are rushing to install DSL services.  Check with them, as well as your local phone company. As more opinion comes in about any one service, we'll add it.
Subscription News Servers 

Starting Note: The authors of this faq DO NOT take, nor allow to be given, any bonus, fee, or "free use" of the services listed below in exchange for their listing or the support of this faq. Period.

Note Two: The big 4 below refers to the NSP's with the largest operations, not an opinion of the best.

Fee based: 

 Clara.Net News -- From the uk, but I keep getting fewer hops on trace route than I was to Newsguy under their old host. Give their traceroute a try. Pricing is listed at about $60.00us per year Prices toward the low end of the large news servers (ripped the address - if it doesn't work try their "main door".

 Easy News -- $9.98us per month for 6 gigs & 3 day free trial. For those with idle processor time, see how you can join Easy News and let your computer work for a cure for Cancer As of Oct 1, 2004 Easy News will have "roll over" gigs - you keep them until you use them. One of the big 4.

Forte (Agent) Premium News -- .Forte has agreements with Supernews for measured services and Usenetserver for unmeasured service

Giganews -- Giganews is the Newsfeed for all of the current Comcast customers. By their agreement with Comcast, all Comcast users are limited to 1 gig downloading a month. Web based. Free trial. One of the big 4.

Newsguy  -  $14.95 month for 15 gigs used in a month. Speed still not broadband for most.

NewsReader -- $9.95 month for 50 Gigs per month! That's 1.66 gigs a day. Their honest about the binary retention being around 2.4 days, but this price for a primary high speed feed sounds great unless your gone for a few days, and Curt seems to be working hard to keep people happy. 3 day money back.

Octanews -- From the folks who brought you biggulp and the RFN network.  Speed Capped accounts allow unlimited access to usenet for as little as $4.95 a month, Block accounts allow you to buy a "block of gigs" and the amount remains good until you use it up in 1 or 12 months.

SuperNews -- Good speed, prices for binaries starting at $10.95us for 10 gigs (used in a month). Risk Free Trial, as in, not free, but refundable. One of the big 4

TeraNews -- aka Bubbanews aka Onlynews aka Nntpserver -  when they are up - seemingly less than 95% of the time.

Usenet Binaries -- for those that like Web based only feeds, this one may be worth a try. Paid users ($9.95 monthly) get full access, with no quota, there is a "free account" to allow you to try them out.

UseNetServer  -- . A $14.95/month account with unlimited speed Up & Down and six connections; a Dial-Up Unlimited -  Unlimited Downloads, 2 Connections at the same time for $5.95. One of the big 4

Please read the section in Downloading about News Servers before signing up with any of the above.  Also, you might want to read comments posted about any of the NSP's in the FORUM. The value of a News Service is only as good as it's feed to your computer. If you don't know how to test this, read News Servers

For a balanced head on comparison of them, check out the page for a great spread sheet approch.  Don't trust ANY info from any source (including this one - we try, but we can't keep up with everything).  Verify for yourself ALL aspects/features that are crucial to you.
Watch out for the ratings at, since it is owned by the same company as As well, the data from is also from Newsguy, and their usenet volume and "spam" info is highly doubtful - as they don't count their own spam output, nor do they cancel it.

With free news servers, you get what you pay for but they are a great resource if you want to hunt around for a missing part now and then.  To search a database of free news servers try jammed

Multimedia Knowledge Bases 

News group
Newsgroup - search for "video" groups for your operating system

  Acme Labs - a great "quick start" intro and how to

  Apple Quicktime  The developer of Quicktime

  AVI Overview page  Information database concerning everything there is to know about AVI architecture

  Codec Central  Terran Interactive's own information database about multimedia architectures, codecs, and more

  Intel  The developer of the Indeo version of the avi codec

  Judy & Robert's Quicktime Page  A Quicktime news and information website, and offers a good deal of news about Quicktime and AVI as it relates to Quicktime as well

  Matrox Users  Source of discussion on the Matrox capture cards and codec

  Microsoft  Microsoft Media Player and ASF

  MUG Central  Information and links for users of Ulead's Media Studio & Video Studio

  VCD Helper  One of the better sites to start your dvd ripping career.

  Video Guys  Retailer of Video Capture cards and the like.  Best used for their comparison charts of capture cards.

Usenet/Internet Info: 
Google - my pick for best
Usenet archive
11 search engines at once
NetLingo - Internet dictionary
Newbie Net - courses, FAQs
Newbie U - courses, FAQs



NewsReaders & Add ons
Forté Agent and Free Agent
great add-ons and help for (Free) and Agent jlBradleys site
Agent Global Search
Agent Group Order
Dunce (keep alive)
Task Monitor for Agent

Our bet for FREE - XNews
for an XNews Primer by PolarBear

Strong Large Binary Downloader
Binary News Reaper (FREE)
see our "how to use for details
Microplanet Gravity

News Xpress (free)

Fantasic Tool for Testing Download speeds:
Netstat Live by AnalogX

Archive Sites 
Shareware - CNet



Anti Virus Software
AVP now Central Command
McAffee Anti-Virus
Nortons' Anti-Virus

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