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The ABME Faqs
The Guidelines updtd 04/16/03
ABME - the Groups updtd 01/16/04
Posting to ABME & N updtd 04/16//03
Vote updtd 04/16/03
the Consortium stats available updtd 02/02/04

USENET, what is it?  updtd 02/04/04
Downloading updtd 02/09/04
Viewing updtd 02/09/04
Capping updtd 07/30/03
Editing updtd 01/16/04
Joining & Converting updtd 05/25/04
Codecs updtd 01/16/04
LINKS updtd 04/09/04
Search this site updtd 06/12/04

Beginners Guide to using Software Section
Creating  Previews updtd 10/15/02
Working with XNews updtd 08/03/02
Starting to Use Smart Par updtd 12/25/02
Starting to Use Quick Par Par 2 files
updtd 11/19/03
a Beginners guide to Virtual Dub updtd 03/22/03
yEnc Tips & Tricks  updtd 02/09/04
Removing PopUps from Media Clips updtd 12/15/02
Starting with Rar (Windows & Mac) updtd 11/20/02
Missing segments using Agent on yEnc Downloads
updtd 12/05/03
Serious Downloading with Binary News Reaper 2 updtd 02/06/04

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