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The Guidelines  
Some Terms to help you understand. News readers for NNtping
Why the Posts Look the Way they do Agent
Decoders and Configuration
An extra Mention of Eync
ISP's & Supplemental news feeds our pick for Free News Readers
Connectivity Problems Netscape News
OutLook Express
Notes on Road Runner News Servers GigaNews
Notes on AOL and - an Xnews Primer  
Mirco Planet Gravity
Where else but Usenet? Yet Another NewsReader
The "0" file  -  Repost Requests  
Problem Reports  - The "D" Group
Getting IGNORED Unix Information
Requesting using a Picture or Clip

The Guidelines
Before you post a message - read them in the VFaqs.
Then, if you've never done usenet, and can't wait to get started, take the jump start course by Coltrane666 located at AcmeLabs.

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