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  the Capping Process
Capping Glossary  Hardware
Artifacts  Capture Device
Codec  Sizing for Usenet
Data rate The Capture Program  
Drop frame   Frame Size
DV(TV)  Frame Rate
FPS Audio
Fields Hard / Soft - ware Compression  
Frames  Compression Rate
Key Frames
Scene Change Threshold


The purpose of this capping page is to provide some general info concerning capturing and editing videos.  It IS NOT to tell you how to cap, edit, or details about the various capture/editing programs. It IS to provide you with enough information to begin to understand the capping process and to give you enough information on the role the components of your computer play in capping to provide you with a starting point in the production of a capture. And of course, pointers as to where the first line of improvements are.Check the Knowledge section of the links page for places to go to get into the "indepth" of capping.

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