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webius whacker's Message of 12/04, or at least some day around then 

Note to all - the faqs and codec corner will start undergoing a change in January. New info, new format, new underwear. Should take about 6 months to complete the change over. Here's hoping version 3 will be the last for me. "Send in the replacements". ww.

As of December we've worked out the problems we were having with the reporting - mainly not recording the information found for the sub domains. We've lost the May - December period, but January on will be correct.
The first Image is the period Jan 03-Jan 04, showing the page count by day for the different "sections" of the faqs. These are "stacked".

The Next image is for the entire site over it's tracked life. Again, no information is available for the first year, and the period May 03 to Jan 04  is missing transaction information.

Help Wanted 
1.Always, always, always - please email if any link, inside or outside the faqs, fails you.
2. Spelling, Spilling, Speling - if you find one, email!
3. Input, Always.....
4.Needed - maintainers who will read, reread, and add to the knowledge base contained here in. Information is getting dated, updated, and reedited (confirmed) all the time. We need the help.
How this came to be
   Once upon a time (1996) a group of cappers sat around on IRC bemoaning the lack of a written FAQ for abme. One non capper finally got fed up and wrote the damn thing out as a text document. It was a long read, but quite good. A few updates were done - the last, known as version 3B, in November of 1998.  The old recommended posting limit in 1997 was 35 megs per week. And trust me, few exceeded it.

 Another group of (most not even around in '96) were sitting around in 1999 bemoaning the lack of updates, the difficultly in finding the information, and the joys a html FAQ would bring.  One grumpy old one in the corner get sick of the noise, so... you get the idea. Once done he posted the work, people started to commit to working on it, a began to snowball, and here it is. Over the last three years there has been an average of 3 changes per week, every week. The Grumpy one thought he was done and that would be it. Yeah, right.
 After our first year, a couple of us realized that we had been fed a fair amount of misleading information which was being provided by one person. This "mis-information" was provided to promote one provider over others. That bad information has been removed.  If there's bad information now, at least it isn't paid for bad information.

This FAQ is a direct result of the "rules" ( as it were ) of usenet, and the comments, questions, and opinions found in alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.d.


What can be done about the FAQ maintainers 
Each page ( currently over 65 pages ) will be reviewed at least 5 times a year.  Failure of the page maintainer to update their page, or to agree with your point of view will lead to his being taken outside and shot, where upon the update job ( along with the massive salary of US $0.00 ) will fall on your shoulders.
Any Volunteers? :)

For those of you we piss off, bottom line is that it's most likely because you are doing something way, way outside of the generally accepted usenet standard of behavior. Don't like it? Our advice to you is to usurp us at the faqs. You might be surprised at how willingly we'll go. On the other hand - go back up and read "Grumpy Old One" above, it may have been a low meds day.


Final Word of Thanks
Below is a list of people whose posts in abmed contributed to this collection of information, or whom thought enough of the faqs to mail us information, or in a few cases, called the site holder with information, help, or the like. For info - before you ask - only one faq maintainer is listed here - the rest of us never wrote anything important enough to count. If you helped and your name isn't here, it's because we're stupid, or less of a chance, but possible - we think you don't want to be listed here. Used to have a person telling us that people didn't want credit, and we didn't question him about it. Then found out a fair amount of the info he gave us was wrong, so this may be as well.
Neutrino Man Methos Koos flunkboy Ky's Corner YaHosna
mojo Kind Bud bj the dj. Lord Arik Chuck99 hld3
PolarBear ryeth British Bulldog Cyguy Lord Ark Alice in Dallas
LD BobCat ModemMac Shadow fisherboy cracker
mjello Mean old Man Nexcel LanForce Endless Doodles

It will be a long while before I round up even half of the names that are scattered throughout the faqs that need to be mentioned here.

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