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Very Frequently Asked Questions

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"Plonk" - To be shunned / ignored, mostly by being added to someone's kill filter. Given that, your requests, posts, chats, etc., are never seen. Usually happens to folks who don't follow the FAQs.

Down loaders
01. Read the "0" part of any post to find out any and all information given about the content and nature of the clip.  See

02. Wait at least 24 hours for all the parts to arrive before posting any request for a repost.  Allow all parts of a file to fall off your server before asking for a complete repost. See

03. Post chat or requests only in the "d" discussion group (alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.d).  See

04. Never post a picture or anything other than text in the "d" group.  See above & For "how to" see

05. Request only what you're missing (if 15 sections of 18 are on your server, only ask for the missing 3). See

06. Know what types of files you can play, and learn how to play them.  See

07. It's free, so lose any attitude you might have.  Missing parts ARE NOT the posters fault. Courtesy will get you far, rudeness will get you ignored, plonked and/or reported to your ISP

01. Post no more than 600 megabytes in any 7 day period. (Note - more than 60 megabytes a day, and most down oaders won't be able to keep up.  See

02  Post only video clips or individual scenes from vids to ABME/ABNME, not complete movies as one large file. See

03. Allow all parts of a file to fall off all servers before any repost.  Commonly accepted delay is 10 days. See above

04. Post only videos, video previews, and preview stills in ABME or ABNME. See

05. Post utilities, software, and other useful binaries in ABMU (alt.binaries.multimedia.utilities).

06. Post chat and comments only in ABMED.

07. Anything, and Anyone, having to do with Kiddie Porn (KP) or its like will be turned over to his ISP and legal authorities. See

08. Posting of multiple files by "joining" them into one Mega File is truly a way to get flamed out of your nym, without the express consent of the original Poster, and then with great trepidation. See

09. Posting a Renamed file is, next to KP and "joined" posting, is the next surest way to get flamed. See above link for the reasons, and how to avoid this "no-no".

10.  ALWAYS provide a preview, whether a new cap or a repost.  Either a jpg still or a text message in the 00 part.  It will cut down on the messages to answer.  See

11. Essential information to place in the header is:

1. whether the clip is new (your own cap) or if not yours, credit the capper.
2. filename.
3. codec - giving file type.
4. if it's a Zip, a Rar,  or Split post, give a parts count.
5. for other tips see
Example: "Rocker's Abc.mpg (f-f,a,zip) Split 1of14

Violation of the above is certain to increase mail to your ISP's abuse department.

01. Read the header of the offending post to determine which ISP is the orginal source. If you can't find it or you're not certain, post a message in the "d" group.

02. Send an E Mail to the offending posters ISP, most commonly by addressing it to complete with

a) the full heading from post.
b) the reason why you feel the post was incorrect.
c) the URL of this faq.

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